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Electronic Message Centers (sales, service, and installation)
Choose between monochrome or RGB message boards, with different pixel densities to fit your locations needs.
Boards include training and full feature software.
Talk to one of our sales team members today to find out more information. 

Cabinet Signs
Typically mounted on a pole, flush to a wall, or as a monument. A popular choice for gas stations, churches, and signs that incorperate an Electroic Message Center. Works with any type of business and is often times the best solution for an illuminated sign. Most commanly illuminated using Fluorescent bulbs, however LED illumiation is a popular upgrade. Can be single-sided or double-sided, depending on the placement of the sign.
Channel Letters

Illuminated Channel Letters
The most common method of illumination is face-lit channel letters, meaning the LED (or neon) shines through the plastic faces of the letter. 

However, channel letters can also be back-lit by using translucent plastic on the back of the letters. Some areas require this style of illumination vs face-lit as it tends to be more subtle.

LED illumination is the most common option these days due to it's cost effectiveness, both initially and long term. LEDs consume less power and last a very long time. With advances in LED chips over the past decade, the light output per watt consumption has never been better.
Most older signs used Neon Tubing as their source of illumination. Even though we rarely use Neon for new sets of channel letters (except when an open face design is used), we still restore Neon Signs. If your business still owns Neon Channel Letters, we highly recommend you see the "LED Retrofit" section under the "Other Services" tab.​
Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Pole Signs
Pole signs are a popular design for smaller businesses and businesses that want more visablity from traffic. Pole signs can be a great value for any busniess located on a busy street or businesses off the main road that want a way to attract more business from. Pole signs typically support a cabnet and many customers have fitted their pole signs with an E.M.C. as well.
Multi-Tenant Pylon Signs
Building a new shopping center? Own an already esablished shopping center? Your tenants not getting the business they should be? One of the best ways to draw attention to your lot is an informative sign. These Multi-Tenant Pylon Signs are perfect for the shopping center who has a lot of Tenants, as Tenants can be easily swapped in and out of the sign. Perfect for the center that wants to establish its location as more of a landmark than a parking lot.
Monument Signs

Church Signs

School Signs

Completely Unique Signage
Have an idea for something extraordinary?
Odds are we can build it.​​

image-533480-malco vw.jpg
Malco Summer Drive In
Rotating VW Bug with working lights.
image-533536-Southern Thunder Harley Davidson.JPG
Harley-Davidson Water Tower 
Complete Water Tower built by Frank Balton & Co.

Fedex St. Jude Classic 
Floating sign in the water next to the 18th green.

Museum of American Soul Music
Custom Tower built in house.
Have a sign for a business located in the midsouth? Make signs but don't have the equipment to install it? We take all sign service jobs from install to repair to removal. With the most well trained, expirenced, and timely crew, nobody is more fit for the job.
Our crew members have either been with us for over a decade, or ride shotgun with someone who has. Our team has years of expirence with practically every sign type imaginable. Much of the Midsouth's signage has probably been serviced by our team at some point.
Frank Balton & Co. takes great pride in it's team of full time artists. 
We have had the honor to design and encapsulate a wide range of brand name logos that
millions of people view everyday.

With 6th generations of experience, we have built an extensive collection of fonts, patterns, and trade marked logos.

With cutting edge software, advanced computer controled machinery, and highly educated art and engineering professionals, we can turn any sign idea into a physical structure.

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Logo Design
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Permit Expediting

Site Survey

L.E.D. Retrofit
An old neon illumnated sign can be brought back to life with a simple L.E.D. upgrade.
Save a ton money with our low power consumption L.E.D.'s and rest assured that they will last your business many years without burning out.